Register Now! The 1st Unjaya International Conference of Health Science

The 1st UNJAYA International Conference of Health Sciences (UNICHS) organized by Faculty of Health Sciences Universitas Jenderal Achmad Yani Yogyakarta.
This conference will be held on 16th – 17th November 2022 by Virtual Conference with the theme “Strengthening Quality Of Health Care Service Through Clinical Practice, Education, and Research”

UNICHS is an event to develop science based on the issues and trends.

Will be held on:
?️Day and Date: Wednesday – Thursday (16th – 17th November 2022)
⏰Time: Wednesday (08.00-17.00 GMT+7)- Thursday (08.00-17.00 GMT+7)
?Location: Zoom Meeting

UNTIL 31st August 2022
Oral and Poster:
?IDR: 500.000
?USD: 50
Undergraduate students
?IDR: 75.000
General Participants & Postgraduate students
?IDR: 100.000/USD: 10

AFTER 31st AUGUST 2022
Oral and Poster:
?IDR: 750.000
?USD: 75
Undergraduate students
?IDR: 85.000
General Participants & Postgraduate students
?IDR: 125.000/USD: 15

?BANK Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI):
Fakultas Kesehatan Unjani Yogyakarta (Account No. 040901000185309)

✉️Certificate SKP PPNI
?️ Video Recording
? Doorprizes


☎️Contact Person:
?Dwi Yati (+6282123705468)
?Dwi Susanti (+6281328845594)

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